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    Scott AFB, IL - In Processing

    Military personnel reporting for in-processing at Scott Air Force Base should report to the Scott Inn which is the 24-hour check in point for all military personnel. After normal working hours, contact the Front Gate Security Detachment to reach the Command Duty Office to assist you.

    Be sure and bring:
    Marriage certificates
    All ID cards and passports
    Social security cards
    Vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance
    Immunization records for both children and pets
    Household good shipment records, receipts for new or expensive household items (in case a claim must be made), and vehicle shipment paperwork
    Spouse's employment records and resume,
    Insurance cards
    All medical and dental records
    A copy of your orders.

    In-processing can take several days to complete, so make sure temporary lodging arrangements have been made in advance for family members. For more information regarding specific in-processing questions, call (618) 256-8668.