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    Scott AFB, IL - Lodging

    Scott Inn
    1510 Beech St
    Belleville, IL 62225

    Phone: (618) 256-1844
    DSN: 576-1844
    Fax: (618) 256-6638
    DSN Fax: 576-6638

    The Scott Inn has modern TLFs available with cable TV, Wi-Fi, a stove and refrigerator in a small kitchen, general furnishings, and other items to accommodate a family of up to five members. Each TLF is a three bedroom townhome. A few of these are designated pet friendly. If pet TLFs are not available, kennel accommodations will have to be made. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance on a first-come first-served basis regardless of rank. PCSing airmen have Priority 1 for Temporary Lodging.

    If lodging is not available at the Scott Inn, ask if a Non-Availability form is required. Local hotels are available and often run military specials.
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